Escort driver certification

When do I need to have escort driver certification?

Escort driver certification is mandatory if

  • you escort over-dimensional loads on the highways of New York State 1
  • you act as a flag person for over-dimensional loads

Escort driver certification is not mandatory if

  • you escort an over-dimensional load that is less than the requirement stated in footnote #1
  • you are a member of the military and escort military convoys
  • you escort state governmental vehicles

What are the qualifications for providing escort services?

To qualify as a certified escort driver, you must

  • be 21 years old or older 
  • have a valid New York State driver license or valid license in the state or jurisdiction in which you are a resident 2
  • pass the Escort Driver's Certification Test 

How do I get certified as an escort vehicle driver?

To get your escort vehicle driver certification

You do not need to make an appointment to take the test. However, the test is not offered in all DMV Offices. Call the DMV office where you plan to take the test to be sure the test is offered at that location. If you have a NY State driver license you must bring it with you when you go to the office to take the test. If you have a driver license issued by another state, you must bring your valid driver license and additional identification with you to the office. See the Proofs of Identity for Learner Permit, Driver License, and Non-Driver ID Card (ID-44) for more information about acceptable additional identification.

All information necessary to pass the test is in the Certified Escort Manual which you may obtain from the Department of Transportation.

You should also be familiar with the New York State Driver's Manual.

If you pass the test you will be immediately certified to provide escort services for over-dimensional loads. You will be given a 60-day Interim Escort Driver Certificate. Your permanent certificate will be sent by mail. You must have the certificate in your possession when providing escort services.

What are the fees?

The fee to take the vehicle escort test is $40.00. Checks must be made payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. There are no additional fees for the initial certification.

You may take the written test again if you do not pass. The fee is $40.00 each time you take the test.

When does my escort vehicle certification expire and how to I renew it?

If you have a New York State driver license, your Escort Driver Certificate will expire at the same time as your driver license. If you have a driver license from another state, your certificate will be valid for four years from the date it is issued.

You will receive a renewal notice in the mail. Follow the instructions in the renewal notice to renew your Escort Driver Certificate. Remember to keep your mailing address current with NY State DMV. 

If you do not renew your certification within two years of the expiration date, you will be required to retake and pass the written test prior to being recertified.

What should I do if I need to change my address or name?

If you have a New York State driver license, you must change your address or name within ten days. The Bus Driver Unit cannot make the changes for you.

If you have a license issued by another state, you must notify DMV’s Bus Driver Unit in writing within ten days. Send your DMV ID Number (Client ID Number) (located on your escort certificate), former address or name and your new address or name to:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Bus Driver Unit
Customer Service Unit
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 136B 
Albany, NY 12228

What should I do if I need to replace my certificate?

If your Vehicle Escort Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you may apply for a replacement by writing to DMV. You must send your name, address, and DMV ID Number (Client ID Number) (located on your escort certificate), if available. Send your request and a check or money order for $5 made payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Bus Driver Unit
Customer Service Unit
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 136B 
Albany, NY 12228

Is my escort vehicle certification still valid if my license is revoked or suspended?

No. Your escort certificate is not valid if your driver license or privilege is revoked or suspended in the issuing jurisdiction, or if you have lost your privilege to drive in New York State.

Your certification may also be canceled if

  • violate safe escort procedures or Title 17, Part 154 of the NYCRR (New York Codes, Rules and Regulations)
  • you become physically, mentally or medically  unable to drive
  • you provide false or fraudulent information on the application for certification as an escort driver

Depending on the nature of the violation, the driver may be subject to fines and penalties.4

Does NY State recognize escort vehicle driver certifications issued in other states?

No, to legally operate an escort vehicle in NY State, you must have a valid NY State Certified Vehicle Escort Card (MV-64). You must carry the MV-64 card with your driver license when you drive an escort vehicle in NY State. 


  • 1. These are loads with a width that exceeds 12 feet, and/or length of 80 feet or greater, and/or a height of 14 feet or greater. Also included are loads that have an overhang of the load/vehicle which exceeds the main body of the vehicle by greater than 10 feet.
  • 2. Out of state drivers who do not have current New York State driving privileges are not eligible for escort certification
  • 3. You will receive test forms at the DMV office. Notes, manuals, and other study materials are not permitted. The DMV associate who administers the test is not permitted to discuss questions or offer any assistance.
  • 4. See New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law and/or Title 17 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, Part 154 and/or Title 21 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, Part 102.

Do it at the DMV

You must apply for escort driver certification at a DMV Office.

Not all DMV offices offer the test. If an office offers the certification test, it will be indicated in "Office Hours" area for the office.

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.