Restrictions on personalized plates

Commissioner's Rules & Regulations
Subchapter Part 16 - Special Number Plates

16.5 Restrictions. No plate shall be issued under this Part which:

(a)  does not have at least one letter. This provision shall not apply to plates issued to public officers.

(b)  has numbers and letters, or any combination thereof, arranged in a format reserved for issuance to specific classes of vehicles other than passenger vehicles.

(c)  is assigned for issuance to historical motor vehicles.

(d)  consists of six numbers followed by one letter.

Transaction Message - Title Hours

Title Service Bureau Hours

Title Services Bureau:


Telephone service is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm 

HAZMAT (H) or Hazmat / Tank (X) Endorsement

You are only eligible for the HazMat or Hazmat / Tank Endorsement if you are age 21 or older and you meet the Federal medical requirements.

Hazmat drivers may only certify to NI or NA. If you are no able to certify to NI or NA and you have the Hazmat endorsement, you must go to your local DMV office to amend your license and have the Hazmat endorsement removed (a license amendment fee will apply). See the Hazardous Materials Manual (pdf) (CDL-11) for additional information on licensing requirements for Hazmat drivers.


A3 Restriction

The description of the A3 restriction will change from "Municipal or School Operation Only" to "Med Cert Exempt." This encompasses all of the federal and state Excepted types of operation.

K Restriction

If you have a K restriction (CDL Intrastate Only), you are limited to driving in New York State only. However, the K restriction will no longer mean that you do not need USDOT Medical Examiner's Certificate.

You must obtain an A3 (Med Cert Exempt) restriction in addition to your K restriction if:

Excepted or Non-excepted driving

Once you have determined whether you drive in Interstate commerce or Intrastate commerce, you must decide whether you drive (or expect to drive) in a Non-Excepted or Excepted status.

Excepted (EI or EA) commerce is when you drive a CMV only for the following activities:

Interstate or Intrastate driving

The first step to determine your driving type is to decide if you drive, or expect to drive, a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) in Interstate or Intrastate commerce.

Interstate commerce is when you drive a CMV:

Vehicle modifications and registration class

Modifications to a car, pick-up truck, van, motorcycle, or moped can affect its registration class.

Important: The DMV cannot examine your vehicle to determine the correct registration class. You must determine the correct registration class for your vehicle.



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