Interstate or Intrastate driving

The first step to determine your driving type is to decide if you drive, or expect to drive, a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) in Interstate or Intrastate commerce.

Interstate commerce is when you drive a CMV:

Vehicle modifications and registration class

Modifications to a car, pick-up truck, van, motorcycle, or moped can affect its registration class.

Important: The DMV cannot examine your vehicle to determine the correct registration class. You must determine the correct registration class for your vehicle.


Forms for Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Program (IDP) Providers

  • The Drinking Driver Program (DDP) is now called the Impaired Driver Program (IDP).  As this new name is being implemented, you may see the two names interchangeably.


This page lists forms available online for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program (IDP) providers and for related assessment and treatment programs. 

The Drinking Driver Program Director's Guide (DPR-175) is temporarily unavailable.  

Permissible uses for personal information

Personal information shall be disclosed to carry out the purposes of the Automobile Information Disclosure Act, the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Saving Act, the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992, and the Clean Air Act for use in connection with matters of:

Proof requirements for NYS vehicle registrations or title certificates

To register a vehicle or get a title, you need to prove your 

  • date of birth (DOB) by providing one acceptable document from the list below 1, and 
  • name by providing one or more documents that total 6 points

A NYS license, permit, or ID that is current or expired for less than 2 years meets both requirements. 

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NY's New Driver License FAQs

Why is DMV changing the design of the New York State driver license and non-driver ID Card?

The contract with our current license document vendor expires this year. The changeover to a new vendor presents an opportunity for DMV to update the license and incorporate important new security features within the license, such as the use of gray-scale photographs and a new, more durable and tamper-resistant polycarbonate material.

Will the new style license and non-driver ID Card cost more?

New York's New Driver License

The New York State DMV is pleased to introduce new driver licenses, learner permits and non-driver IDs!


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