Get proof of ownership at purchase

If you purchase a vehicle from a dealer

A DMV-licensed automobile dealer must have acceptable proof of ownership for a vehicle before they can sell that vehicle to you. Most NY State automobile dealers send the application for your vehicle registration and title certificate to the DMV. The dealer can charge a fee of $75 for this service.

The proof of ownership for a new vehicle is the

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO)

or the

Registration Class Codes

Only registration classes eligible for one or more online transactions are listed. This is not a complete list of all classes and codes. If the code for your registration class is not listed, the registration is not eligible for online renewal or registration document replacement, or for electronic reminders

Common Classes



Medical Certification FAQ's


1.  Why do I have to self-certify?

New federal regulations require all commercial drivers to certify to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the type of driving they perform or expect to perform. Drivers that self-certify to a non-excepted driving type (NA or NI) are also required to submit a copy of their USDOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

This is a nationwide safety initiative that affects commercial driver in all states.

California emissions standards

What vehicles are subject to the “California” emissions standards?

Unless it is exempt, your vehicle must comply with the California emissions standard if it has less than 7,500 miles on the odometer and is

The DMV Online Vision Registry

For many years, doctors, nurses, vision care professionals and their supervised staff have been authorized to perform the vision screening tests required to apply for or renew driver licenses in New York State. These providers have the option to enroll in DMV's Online Vision Registry. In addition, pharmacists, staff supervised by pharmacists and organizations authorized by DMV that are enrolled in the Vision Registry can conduct vision screening tests.

Having your vision test results entered online makes it easier to renew your license

Elimination of the Non-CDL Class C License


Under a New York State law that took effect on July 26, 2005, the DMV eliminated the Non-CDL Class C license.  In addition, the gross vehicle weight rating and gross vehicle combination weight rating of vehicles that a driver can operate with a Class D license increased.


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