Surrender (return or turn in) your plates to the DMV

When you need to surrender plate(s)

  • Before you end the vehicle's liability insurance coverageIf you do not turn in your plate(s), we will suspend your registration and can suspend your driver license.
  • If you want to register your vehicle in another stateYou must surrender your New York State vehicle plates to the New York DMV.


How to surrender New York State plates

Note: If you need to surrender plates from another state, you need surrender them to that state's DMV (not the New York State DMV). 

By mail

Step 1: Remove plates and stickers

This includes the plate frames and fasteners - we will not accept plates with them attached. Destroy the registration and inspection stickers from your windshield.

Do not give your plates to another person unless that person will surrender the plates for you.

Step 2: Complete the PD-7 application

You must complete the Plate Surrender Application (pdf) (PD-7) for each set of plates you are surrendering.

Step 3: Mai
l the application with your plates to

6 Empire State Plaza
Room B240
Albany, NY 12228

We use the mail postmark date as the date that you surrendered your plates.  To be notified by the US Postal Service that we received your plates, send them by registered or certified mail, and request a return receipt. We will mail you your FS-6T receipt.


At a DMV Office

If you want to surrender them in person, start by finding a DMV office near you.  County motor vehicle offices will charge you a $1 fee to process the surrender. If another person surrenders your plates for you, make sure that the person gives you the FS-6T receipt for your records. Be sure you complete the Plate Surrender Application (pdf) (PD-7) for each set of plates you are surrendering



Will I receive a refund when I surrender my plates?

It depends.  See registrations refunds for surrendered plates for more information. 


Temporary surrender

Can I surrender my plates temporarily?

Yes. See special procedures to surrender plates for a season (temporary surrender of plates).


Motorcycle and trailer plates

Do I need to surrender motorcycle plates?

It’s not necessary to surrender motorcycle plates, but your motorcycle must be insured if you ride it. 1

Do I need to surrender trailer plates?

Even though some trailers are not required to have liability insurance, you must surrender the plate if the trailer does not have a valid registration. 2


Lost, stolen or destroyed plates

Do I need to surrender the registration if the plates are lost, destroyed or stolen?

Yes. You need to report plates that are lost, stolen or destroyed and surrender the registration.  In these cases the DMV can issue you a new registration and plates. 

  • 1. Motorcycles: You do not need to surrender motorcycle plates if there is a lapse in the liability insurance coverage. A motorcycle must have liability insurance to be operated.
  • 2. Trailers: Normally a trailer does not need liability insurance. The DMV will not suspend your driver license or registration if you fail to surrender the plate. The DMV recommends that you surrender any type of vehicle plate when the plate is not used to make sure that the plate is destroyed.