Excelsior plates

The new Excelsior plate features landmarks from across the state, including Niagara Falls, the Adirondack mountains, the Statue of Liberty, the New York City skyline, and the Montauk Point Lighthouse on Long Island.

 New York license plate design with state landmarks across the bottom

Excelsior plates are now available

DMV offices are issuing Excelsior plates.


You are not required to get Excelsior plates

You do not need to change your plate to the Excelsior design.


Excelsior plates will not cost more than Empire Gold

Current plate fees will still apply to all transactions. There are no additional charges associated with the Excelsior plate. 


You can upgrade to the new Excelsior plate

You will have the option to upgrade to the Excelsior plate as part of your registration renewal if you choose. 1  If you want to upgrade and keep your current plate number, you can request the new plates with your current plate number for an additional $20 fee. 2 See more information about how to renew your registration.


You can keep your picture plate

Picture plates featuring NY Regions, Sports, Organizations, Causes, Professions, etc. are not being replaced.  


You can keep your personalized plate

If you have a personalized plate, you are not required to replace it. If you desire, you may have it manufactured with the new Excelsior design. See more information about how to replace your personalized plate. Current plate fees apply.


You can keep your Empire Blue or Empire Gold plate.

  1. 1. NYC T&LC, Westchester T&LC, Nassau T&LC, NYC Standby, and NYC Medallion vehicles are not eligible for Excelsior plates during registration renewal.
  2. 2. Find out what classes are eligible to keep the same plate number when you order Excelsior plates