Learn about picture and professional plates

A picture or professional plate is a vehicle plate that has the words "New York" contained in a blue banner, and a picture or logo next to the plate number.

Some personalized picture plates are available for an additional fee.

You can browse the available styles of picture and professional plates online.  The categories are:


Cost of picture and professional plates

Our picture and professional plates have a variety of prices.  You can browse the available styles using the categories above to find detailed pricing information on the plate you’re interested in.


Privileges of professional plates 

Custom plates reserved for professional groups and emergency services organizations serve to identify the registrant as a member of that group.  The plates come with no special rights or privileges. 1


Standard series plates to replace picture or professional plates

To exchange custom plates for standard series plates

We will then issue your vehicle a set of standard series plates.  2


If I remove a vehicle from the road, can I keep my picture or professional plates?

Yes. You can store your picture or professional plates at most DMV offices.  3

Find a DMV office. 

You will receive a receipt (form FS-6T) when you surrender your plates.  Verify the information listed on the receipt, make sure that the receipt displays the words "Stored at Local Office,” and keep this receipt.  We will indicate on the registration record that the vehicle plates have been stored.

To register the vehicle again, or to use your stored picture or professional plates to register another vehicle, you must visit the office that has your vehicle plates.  Make sure that you bring the receipt (form FS-6T) and the other documents required to register your vehicle.


New picture plate developed for a group or organization

A detailed information packet about the custom plate (picture plate) development program, including the Request for the Development of Custom Plates (pdf) (MV-415) is available here.


For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.