Medical Doctor (motorcycle)

Medical Doctor custom motorcycle plate


Custom plate fee
Initial (assigned)$35.00
Annual renewal (assigned)$18.75 
Initial (personalized) Cannot personalize
Annual renewal (personalized)Cannot personalize

The annual custom plate renewal fee is in addition to your vehicle registration renewal fee.  You will be billed for the plates every year with a fixed expiration date of April 30th. 



  • A copy of your current Registration Certificate issued by the New York State Education Department
  • The current motorcycle registration must be in the name of the medical professional only


Order by mail

Use the Application for Custom Plates (pdf) (CP-30).  

Mail the completed form, required documents, and your payment to:

Custom Plates Unit
P.O. Box 2775
Albany, NY  12220


You cannot order this plate online, by phone, or at a DMV office.


Universal Symbol of Access  Universal Symbol of Access

Custom Plates that include the Universal Symbol of Access for individuals who qualify are available only through the Custom Plates Unit. See how to order plates that include the Universal Symbol of Access (PDF) or call the Custom Plates Unit at 1-518-402-4838.