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May 7, 2024


REAL ID-Compliant Identification Will be Required for US Flights Beginning May 7, 2025

No Added Cost to New Yorkers for a REAL ID

 DMV Deploying Mobile Units to Make it Easier for New Yorkers to Upgrade Their ID

B-Roll and Soundbites with Commissioner Mark Schroeder and Catherine Salditt of Sea Cliff, NY

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is joining a nationwide call to action, encouraging New Yorkers to get a REAL ID, as the federal REAL ID deadline is now only one year away. Beginning May 7, 2025, everyone flying in the US will need a REAL ID, Enhanced ID, Passport or another form or federally compliant identification to fly domestically and enter certain federal facilities.

To make this process as easy on New Yorkers as possible, the DMV has implemented several online tools such as a document guide and application pre-screening process to help them prepare. Two DMV mobile units will also travel to various locations throughout the spring, summer, and fall so New Yorkers who have a valid Driver License, Permit, or Non-Driver ID can upgrade to a REAL ID or Enhanced ID without visiting their local DMV office. 

“Now is the time to get a REAL ID or Enhanced ID rather than waiting until the last minute,” said DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder. “I encourage New Yorkers to visit our website to find out what you need to apply and take advantage of DMV mobile units when they visit your region.”


The DMV mobile units will be stopping at State Parks, Fairs, and local libraries during the spring, summer and fall to provide additional opportunities for New Yorkers to apply for a REAL ID or Enhanced ID. New Yorkers are not required to make an appointment to visit the DMV mobile unit but they must come prepared with the proper documentation so DMV staff can process their upgrade. To find out what they need to bring, DMV customers can use the online REAL ID document guide, which takes just minutes to complete, asks customers a series of short, simple questions to help them determine what proofs of identification and residency they need to bring. Only original documents, or certified copies of certain documents, will be accepted.

Once at the Mobile Unit, DMV staff will review the documentation and take a new picture of the applicant, which is a requirement of the REAL ID Act. Anyone who has a valid, unexpired driver license, permit or non-driver ID can visit the DMV mobile unit.

The Mobile units will begin to roll out in the coming weeks, with initial appearances at:

  • NYC DCAS 35th Annual Equipment and Vehicle Show (May 16)
  • Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach State Park (May 25 – May 26)
  • Queens Public Library (June 5, June 20, July 10)
  • Colonie Center Mall (June 8, August 10)
  • Hempstead Lake State Park (June 8)
  • Sunken Meadow State Park (July 6, July 20)
  • Jones Beach State Park (July 13 – July 14)
  • Robert Moses State Park (July 27, August 3)
  • Altamont Fair (August 13 – August 18)
  • New York State Fair (August 21 – September 2)

Additional dates and locations will be added throughout the summer.

In addition to the mobile units, DMV staff are on hand three days per week at peak travel times at Albany International Airport, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Long Island MacArthur Airport to provide information to travelers about the REAL ID Act and its requirements.

DMV staff will also attend the following events to provide information about REAL ID:


New Yorkers whose license or ID is up for renewal now can get a REAL ID at no additional cost beyond the renewal fee. In addition to the REAL ID, which is also needed to enter some federal buildings, the DMV offers an Enhanced ID which meets federal REAL ID standards. An Enhanced ID costs $30 extra and can be used as identification when returning to the United States by land or sea from Canada, Mexico and some countries in the Caribbean. A passport is also acceptable as a REAL ID-compliant document.

Starting May 7, 2025, a standard license or non-driver ID will not be accepted to fly within the U.S. Passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act establishes minimum security standards for state-issued driver licenses, permits and ID cards.

The federal REAL ID Act requires customers applying for a REAL ID or Enhanced ID to visit a DMV office or mobile unit to prove who they are and to have a new photograph taken. Many DMV offices strongly encourage customers to make a reservation, which can be done online at Many offices also allow customers the option of having their application pre-screened prior to their appointment. This allows the customer to know if there are any mistakes or missing paperwork before they make a trip to the DMV.

DMV has also issued guidance to help customers avoid the top five most common mistakes people make when seeking to get a REAL ID. One of the important reminders is to provide documentation if your name has changed.

For more information about REAL ID and Enhanced Driver Licenses, visit and watch DMV's REAL ID instructional video on YouTube.

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