Press Release -1-12-2023

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Thursday, January 12, 2023 



Recognizes Efforts to Improve Reliability of Verification, Reduce Counterfeiting, and Protect New Yorkers’ Identities

Also Contributes to Overall Public Safety in New York and Around the Country

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced that it recently received the 2022 Secure Driver License Award from the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License. This award is given out annually to recognize efforts to raise awareness about the importance of utilizing cutting-edge advanced security features in government-issued identification documents to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.

“We at DMV are honored to receive such an important award that recognizes the work we have done to make sure that the driver licenses and non-driver ID cards we provide New Yorkers are as secure as possible,” said DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder. “Our identity documents utilize the most state-of-the art security features currently on the market, making them nearly impossible to counterfeit.  It is our priority to continue our pursuit of the latest and greatest in this field and stay one step ahead of criminals.”  

The award recognizes the innovative card-based security features and physical attributes of driver license and non-driver identification documents that were implemented by DMV in 2022 to reduce counterfeiting, criminal alteration, and improve the reliability of verification of that identification by both government and businesses. Among those features and attributes are:

  • Embossed text and images.
  • A redesign of the clear windows in the card and the state seal through a system called multiple laser etching to greatly reduce the ability for it to be imitated.
  • Two images – the ID holder’s photo and birth month and year—are engraved into the card so that an irregularly-shaped image in the right center of the card changes depending on the angle it is viewed at.
  • On the Enhanced Driver License and NDID, the embedded chip is now exposed.
  • The DMV does not reveal other security features to ensure the integrity of those safeguards. 

The Coalition also acknowledged the work DMV and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) have done in partnership with law enforcement across the state to promote highway safety and personal security, particularly the “Operation Prevent’ program to raise public awareness about the risk of counterfeit documents, especially among underage individuals who may try to use them to purchase alcohol at retailers or entertainment venues.

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