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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Customers Can Now Print a 10-Day Proof of Registration

For motorists who have forgotten to renew their vehicle registrations on time, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has introduced a new feature that will allow customers to print a temporary 10-day proof of registration when they renew their registration online.

"I am pleased to announce that DMV has made yet another addition to our ever-growing, customer friendly list of online services," said New York State DMV Commissioner Barbara J. Fiala. "We anticipate this new service will be a great convenience for our customers because they will now be able to print a temporary proof of registration from their own computers rather than rushing to a DMV office in a panic because they realize that their registration is about to expire or has already expired."

Although most registrations are renewed through the mail, at an office or online in time to receive a new registration sticker before the old one expired, many times customers either forget about or wait too long before renewing their registrations. In that case, their only option in the past has been to visit a DMV office to register the vehicle. This new service provides customers with a proof of registration that they can display while waiting for their new registration to arrive by mail.

The temporary registration is available through the DMV Web site ( It is available for most vehicle registration classes including boats, trailers and ATVs. There is no additional charge for the temporary document.

After printing the temporary document, customers must display the temporary registration on the driver's side of the vehicle's dashboard in addition to the expiring registration sticker until their new sticker arrives. The temporary registration is valid for 10 days from the date the renewal transaction is completed. After the temporary registration expires, the registrant can only operate the vehicle if it displays a valid registration sticker. For vehicles that do not have windshields and dashboards such as motorcycles and trailers, the motorist will be instructed to carry the temp when operating the vehicle.

For additional information on online registration renewal and other online services, visit the DMV Web site at


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