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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


New Features, Which Include Ability to Pay by Credit Card, Expedite Services for Carriers

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced expanded services for customers with apportioned vehicles based in New York State, typically commercial vehicles that frequently travel among different U.S. states and Canadian provinces. International Registration Plan, or IRP, customers are now able to pay for renewals online via credit card, and can now pay for all transactions in the office or over the phone via credit card; previously, DMV required certified funds, money order, or cash for IRP transactions not done online.

“DMV has made it a priority to make doing business easier for our customers, providing them with opportunities to complete transactions online and expedite processes,” said DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan. “With the launch of these new services, we are cutting through red tape and allowing businesses to put their vehicles into service right away. I am pleased to expand our improved services to this group of customers.”

Interstate carriers can pay for renewals online through the One-Stop Credentialing and Registration website, also known as OSCAR, a single website that streamlines the process of applying for required operating credentials and makes it less time-consuming. Carriers can access OSCAR at their convenience and process IRP transactions like adding vehicles, transferring plates to another vehicle, replacing plates, replacing cab cards (registration documents), and renewals. Prior to the launch of OSCAR in June 2000, carriers had to interact with as many as four different New York State agencies to obtain operating credentials to be compliant with state requirements. Through the use of web-based technology, OSCAR provides the customer with an opportunity to apply for credentials via a single entry that eliminates the need for multiple forms, multiple visits to agencies, and duplication of efforts.

The IRP is a registration agreement among all of the states in the continental U.S., the District of Columbia, and Canadian provinces that allows for the registration of commercial vehicles that travel in two or more of these jurisdictions. An IRP registrant pays registration fees in one jurisdiction, and fees are shared, or apportioned, by the jurisdictions where the vehicles operate.

DMV continues to improve services by using the latest technology to enhance customer service options and expedite DMV transactions. To access the online OSCAR system log onto the web site at Anyone with questions regarding IRP web processing via OSCAR should contact the IRP office at (518) 474-7667 for assistance.