About Agricultural and Farm Vehicles

Agricultural Class Vehicles and Trailers

Can I register my vehicle or trailer under the Agricultural class?

You can register a truck, tractor or trailer in the agricultural class if engaged in any of these activities

  • planting, cultivating and harvesting vegetable and food products, including horticultural specialties such as nursery stock, ornamental shrubs, ornamental trees and flowers
  • raising, feeding and caring for livestock, bees and poultry 
  • dairy farming

You can only use your Agricultural vehicle or trailer on public highways

  • to transport your own agricultural or dairy commodities or supplies
  • for personal use
  • in conjunction with lumbering activities connected with but only incidental to the operation of a farm 


Can any type of vehicle be registered under the agricultural class?

No, the agricultural class is restricted to

  • Truck
  • Tractor
  • Trailer - except for a coach, house trailer or semi-trailer



There is an annual fee of two dollars fifty cents ($2.50) for each 500 pounds maximum gross weight, or fraction thereof. If you register your vehicle or trailer for less than a year you can pay a proportional amount of fee (on monthly computation basis). 



Proof of insurance is required. Agricultural class vehicles and trailers registered with an agricultural registration and plate are required to maintain NYS automobile liability insurance coverage (insurance requirements).


Inspection for Agricultural class vehicles and trailers

Agricultural class vehicles and trailers are subject to the same inspection requirements as other vehicles and trailers registered in New York State. 


Farm Class Vehicles

Can I drive on public highways with my registered Farm vehicle?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. Farm vehicles can only be operated on public highways for the purpose of traveling by the most direct route, but not more than 25 miles one way, for going

  • between portions of the owner's farm operated as a single farm enterprise 
  • from the owner's farm to a municipal sanitary land fill 
  • from the owner's farm to a licensed motor vehicle repair shop
  • from the point of sale to the owner's farm

The owner of the vehicle must submit a Certification of Farm Vehicle Routes (PDF) (MV-260F), with the original registration application and at renewal if the route has changed.


Can any type of vehicle be registered under the Farm class?

A farm vehicle can be a motor vehicle (except vehicles that transport passengers for hire), motorcycle, trailer, or semi-trailer.



Vehicles registered with Farm Plates require insurance. Class C mopeds do not require proof of insurance. Learn more about insurance requirements.


Inspection for Farm class vehicles

Vehicle inspection is not required for farm registration, but the Vehicle & Traffic Law requires that farm vehicles be equipped with signaling devices, reflectors and lamps that are in good working condition. If a 1973 or newer junk vehicle is registered as a Farm Vehicle, it must be inspected by DFI.


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