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Check registration information and status

How can I check the status of my registrations?

By using the MyDMV 'My Registrations' service. 

To use the service, you must be the primary registrant. That means your name must be the first one listed on the registration. 

Go to MyDMV

What information can I see?

You will be able to see

  • the registration expiration date
  • the inspection expiration date (if your vehicle requires an inspection)
  • any outstanding suspensions or revocations, along with instructions for how to resolve them
  • the resident and mailing address (you’ll be able to update these as well)
  • basic vehicle information (make, model, year)

You’ll also be able to

  • get electronic registration renewal and inspection reminders (Go green!)
  • renew your registration
  • replace your registration document


How can I use My Registrations?

You will need to a MyDMV account.  To create a MyDMV account, you will need your

  • NYS Driver License, Permit, or Non-Driver ID
  • Social Security Number


Is My Registrations an official registration record?

No.  If you need an official document, see vehicle registration and title records (abstracts).


Before You Start

Please note that this transaction is currently offline

To use My Registrations, you must create MyDMV account.  You will need your

  • NYS Driver License, Permit or Non-Driver ID
  • Social Security Number