Register a leased vehicle

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How to register a leased vehicle

If you leased the vehicle from a dealer in New York State, the dealer normally registers the vehicle for you by providing all your proofs and your registration application to the DMV. In this case, you don’t need to do anything more.

If the dealer does not provide the proofs to the DMV, you must register the vehicle. Please complete the Document Guide to make sure you bring the correct documents with you.

Find your proofs for registration


Summary of what you need

  • a certified copy of the title certificate, original Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) 1
  • current NY State Insurance ID card (auto liability insurance) 2
  • NY State driver license, permit, non-driver ID, or other proof of identity 3
  • authorization from the leasing company to register the vehicle in New York, which consists of all these things
  • proof of sales tax payment, sales tax exemption, or purchase price (see below for instructions for to show proof)


Proof of sales tax payment

  • If you paid New York State sales tax to the leasing company or dealer on the total amount of all your lease payments, provide your lease agreement that indicates that you paid the NY State sales tax, and complete the Claim for Sales Tax Exemption {Sales Tax Form} (PDF) (at NY State Department of Tax and Finance) (DTF-803).
  • If you did not pay New York State sales tax to the leasing company or dealer on all of your lease payments, provide your lease agreement, and complete Statement of Transaction {Sales Tax Form} (PDF) (at NY State Department of Tax and Finance) (DTF-802). You must pay NY State sales tax on any lease payments if the leasing company or dealer did not collect the sales tax. The sales tax is collected in one complete payment at the time of registration.
  • If you made one payment to another state for the total amount of sales tax, complete Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to Another State {Sales Tax Form} (PDF) (at NY State Department of Tax and Finance) (DTF-804) to request credit for the tax you paid, and then pay the balance of any NY State sales tax. This process can reduce the amount of your NY State sales tax if NY State and the other state have an agreement about sales tax. Not all states have an agreement with New York. See DFT-804 page 2.
  • If you made monthly sales tax payments in another state, complete form Statement of Transaction {Sales Tax Form} (PDF) (at NY State Department of Tax and Finance) (DTF-802), and pay the total amount of NY State sales tax in one payment for all the lease payments that remain.

See also Change name on title after lease buyout.


  • 1. You will not receive the original title certificate as proof of ownership. The leasing company is the owner and holds the title certificate, which displays their name.
  • 2.  

    Your insurance company will:

    1) give you 2 barcoded original NY State Insurance ID cards (see a sample) or provide you with access to your digital electronic NY State Insurance ID Card

    2) send an electronic notice of insurance coverage to the DMV (your insurance agent or broker cannot file this notice)

    Your NY State Insurance ID cards and the electronic notice together verify your coverage. We need both.

    You must register your vehicle within 180 days of the effective date on your Insurance ID Card. Provide one copy or form of your Insurance ID Card with you. The DMV office will keep the paper card.  Keep the other paper card with the vehicle as your proof of insurance. Anyone operating your vehicle must be able to provide proof of insurance.

    Learn more about NY State Insurance Requirements.

  • 3. You must be at least 16 years old (except for ATV registrations).

    You can use a NY State Driver License, Learner Permit, or Non-Driver ID card that is current or not expired for more than 2 years as proof of both identity and age.

    If you don’t have one of these, see other kinds of proof you can use.