Register a snowmobile - checklist

Here's what you need to bring to the DMV to apply for a snowmobile registration:


Click to check/uncheck the box.a completed Snowmobile Registration Application (MV-82SN)

Click to check/uncheck the box.proof of ownership and bill of sale -  non-residents can use photocopies of proof of ownership and aren’t required to pay the NY State sales tax if the snowmobile is registered in another state

Click to check/uncheck the box.proof of identity and age

Click to check/uncheck the, check or credit card for the $100 registration fee and sales tax, or proof of sales tax payment or exemption (see sales tax information)

(If you have a current, valid NYSSA voucher, and bring the voucher to the office, the fee for your registration is $45.00.)


For a detailed explanation of each item, go to: