Register a vehicle for someone else

 This page was updated for COVID-19.

When a person different from the registrant 1 applies for vehicle registration at a DMV office they need to show proof of identity for both people. The only acceptable proofs of identity are the most recently issued

  • NY State Driver License
  • NY State Learner Permit
  • NY State Non-Driver ID Card

The person coming to the DMV must show their original NY State Driver License, Learner Permit, or Non-Driver ID card (not a photocopy) and either a photocopy or the original registrant’s NY State Driver License, Learner Permit, or Non-Driver ID.

The registrant must sign the required forms (see register and title a vehicle).  A second party must have a Power of Attorney to sign a form for another person.

If the registrant is a member of the U.S. Military and is absent from New York, the person coming to the DMV can use these forms

If the second person completes either of the above forms, then the registrant’s NY State Driver License, Permit, or Non-Driver ID and signature aren’t required.


Provide your completed registration application, additional documents and payment for fees to a local DMV office.


Office procedures have changed due to COVID-19.

We recommend you conduct your DMV business at the office or by mail in the County where you are a resident.

See instructions and reservation information for your county