Registration classes eligible for Excelsior plates with the same plate number

If you request Excelsior plates and your vehicle is registered in one of the registration classes listed below, you can keep the same plate number from your current plates on your new Excelsior plates. The "same number" fee is $20, and the fee is in addition to the $25 plate fee ($12.50 for vehicles that receive only one plate).

The same number fee is not charged if you request your current personalized plate combination on an Excelsior plate, because you currently pay an annual personalized plate fee.

To locate the Registration Class Code on your registration document, see the sample registration documents.


Registration Type

Class Code

Agricultural Truck




All Terrain Vehicle


Household Commercial Carrier






Hearse Coach




House or Coach Trailer


Historical Motorcycle


Limited Use Motorcycle - Class A


Limited Use Motorcycle - Class B


Limited Use Motorcycle - Class C


Light Trailer


Limited Use Automobile




Public Service Omnibus


Livery Omnibus


Regular Omnibus


Special Omnibus Rentals






School Car




Special Purpose Commercial


Household Carrier Tractor


Tow Truck


Regular Tractor


Regular Trailer