Transport a vehicle to a Salvage Vehicle Examination


  • Important:  Salvage Vehicle Application

    The DMV has a new Salvage Examination/Title Application (PDF) (MV-83SAL). This form replaces the MV-899 and MV-82 to apply for a Salvage Vehicle exam. The MV-83SAL

     -   clearly shows what fees apply to you
     -   can be completed online and printed like other DMV forms
     -   includes a handy checklist to help you avoid missing documents

    You may now include an email address for notification of your salvage exam.  This will allow for appointments to be scheduled sooner.

    DMV no longer accepts the MV-899/MV-82TON applications.


How can I transport my vehicle to the Examination Facility?

These are the only legal methods that you can use

  • tow the vehicle
  • transport the vehicle on a flatbed truck
  • use legal a dealer or transporter plate 
  • apply for a ‘Temporary Transport Permit’ from the DMV Division of Field Investigation


Can I drive my vehicle to the examination facility?

Yes, but to drive it there, you must have

  • a valid registration
  • NY State liability insurance
  • a ‘Temporary Transport Permit’ from the DMV

If your vehicle arrives at the examination facility with illegal vehicle plates or vehicle registration, you can receive a ticket, and the DMV will hold the vehicle until you can transport it legally.

The person who drives the vehicle to the examination facility must have a valid driver license.


How do I apply for a Temporary Transport Permit?

Get proof of a safety inspection. Use a legal method to transport the vehicle to an inspection station to get a safety inspection. The inspection station completes the inspection information on Salvage Examination/Title Application (pdf) (MV-83SAL).

Get insurance coverage for the vehicle and a NY State Insurance Identification Card (see a sample insurance card).

Send with your application

  • the NY State Insurance Identification Card
  • receipt for the safety inspection

The DMV will mail your salvage examination appointment letter, which will be endorsed with the transport permit information. Attach the permit to the left-hand side of your rear window. For a trailer or motorcycle, carry the permit with you. The person who drives the vehicle to the examination facility must have a valid driver license, and must be able to present it upon request.