Transport a vehicle to a Salvage Vehicle Examination

  • Important:  New Salvage Vehicle Application

    The DMV has a new Salvage Examination/Title Application (MV-83SAL). This form replaces the MV-899 and MV-82 to apply for a Salvage Vehicle exam. The MV-83SAL

     -   clearly shows what fees apply to you
     -   can be completed online and printed like other DMV forms
     -   includes a handy checklist to help you avoid missing documents

    Hard copies of the MV-83SAL will be available at DMV offices by early December 2015.  As of December 31st, 2015 we will no longer accept MV-899/MV-82TON applications.


How can I transport my vehicle to the Examination Facility?

These are the only legal methods that you can use

  • tow the vehicle
  • transport the vehicle on a flatbed truck
  • use legal a dealer or transporter plate 
  • apply for a ‘Temporary Transport Permit’ from the DMV Division of Field Investigation


Can I drive my vehicle to the examination facility?

Yes, but to drive it there, you must have

  • a valid registration
  • NYS liability insurance
  • a ‘Temporary Transport Permit’ from the DMV

If your vehicle arrives at the examination facility with illegal vehicle plates or vehicle registration, you can receive a ticket, and the DMV will hold the vehicle until you can transport it legally.

The person who drives the vehicle to the examination facility must have a valid driver license.


How do I apply for a Temporary Transport Permit?

Get proof of a safety inspection. Use a legal method to transport the vehicle to an inspection station to get a safety inspection. The inspection station completes the inspection information on Salvage Examination/Title Application (MV-83SAL).

Get insurance coverage for the vehicle and a NYS Insurance Identification Card (see a sample insurance card).

Send with your application

  • the NYS Insurance Identification Card
  • receipt for the safety inspection

The DMV will mail your salvage examination appointment letter, which will be endorsed with the transport permit information. Attach the permit to the left-hand side of your rear window. For a trailer or motorcycle, carry the permit with you. The person who drives the vehicle to the examination facility must have a valid driver license, and must be able to present it upon request.