Online Pre-Licensing Course Pilot Program for Businesses

What is the Online Pre-Licensing Course Pilot Program (OPL)?

OPL is a pilot program to explore delivering DMV’s Pre-Licensing Course as an automated interactive program over the Internet. It is an alternative to the classroom-based course and would allow motorists increased flexibility to complete the course independently on their schedule. This is different from the current classroom-based program (which can also be taught by distance learning).


Customers are New York State Learner Permit holders. Customers will take the automated interactive course using their internet-capable device (such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone). Each customer will have 30 days (starting on the date they register).

Sponsors are businesses approved by DMV to provide a pilot program to customers. Sponsors will create an automated interactive program that allows customers to register for and complete the course, meeting all the specifications identified in this pilot. The sponsor’s program will validate the customer’s identification throughout the course, and customers will be required to answer content questions for each section/chapter they take. Sponsors will provide support to their customers.

Approved Sponsors systems will perform several functions including:

  • ensuring customers who register for the course are eligible to take the course online,
  • verifying customers who register for the course are the sole persons who take and pass the identity validations throughout the course,
  • confirming that customers achieve an acceptable score on each chapter test before moving to the next chapter and completing the course, and
  • automatically reporting the course completion to DMV and pay the reporting fee. 

DMV will record the completion on the customers’ record and permit the customer to schedule a road test using DMV’s scheduling system.

How can my business participate in the OPL Pilot Program?

Businesses who wish to participate in the Online Pre-Licensing Program must first apply with the DMV. Businesses must meet information security guidelines, and satisfy the requirements outlined in the Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), Part 10 of the Commissioner's Regulations (PDF), the Pre-Licensing Course Instructor’s Manual (PDF) (MV-277), and Online Pre-Licensing Course Policies (PDF) (DTP-402).

DMV will review the applications and courses provided by Sponsors. DMV will review proposed courses and systems for accuracy and clarity. When all requirements, including courses and processing, are met, DMV will approve the Sponsors course. 

Note: DMV is not “quality control” or user testing for course Sponsors. Sponsors are responsible for presenting a customer-ready, fully compliant course to DMV for approval.

How can my business apply?

Applications and relevant forms are posted on this webpage. Please submit applications to Driver Training Programs at the address below: 

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver Training Program
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 327
Albany, NY 12228

[email protected]

(518) 473-7174, option 4