Repair Shop Review Board


The Repair Shop Review Board, established under VTL §398-f; 8 NYCRR 82.16, reviews and makes determinations for all Repair Shop appeals. Such determinations may include affirming, reversing, or modifying the initial determination of the Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”). The Repair Shop Review Board may also remand the matter for further proceedings before the ALJ.


Members and Proceedings

The Repair Shop Review Board meets virtually once per year. The last meeting was held on June 3rd, 2022. Under VTL §398-f: “Members of the review board shall be entitled to their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties…and shall be entitled to a per diem allowance as determined by the commissioner and approved by the director of the division of the budget not to exceed one hundred dollars except that those members who serve as the chairman of a panel at appeal proceedings may be entitled to a per diem allowance in an amount so determined and approved by not exceeding one hundred fifty dollars.”

The Repair Shop Review Board members are:

Stanley L. Zalen, Esq.
Consumer Representative
Appointed in 2010
Westchester County

David T. Weber
Appointed 2022
Steuben County

Industry Representative


Stanley Zalen resides in Westchester County and was appointed by Gov. Peterson to an indefinite term. Mr. Zalen worked at the NYS Board of Elections for 37 1/2 years, moving up from Deputy Counsel for Enforcement to Counsel for Enforcement and then to acting Democratic Executive Director, to Democratic Executive Director.  In his positions as Counsel and as Executive Director, he served both as counsel to Board members and as a Hearing Officer designated by the Board to decide numerous petition cases.

David T. Weber resides in Steuben County and is a private-sector solo practitioner specializing in real estate, trusts and estates, family, educational, and municipal law.


Contact Information

Appeals Board
PO BOX 2935
Albany, NY 12220


Meeting Minutes

Repair Shop Review Board Meeting Minutes from 06.03.2022

Repair Shop Review Board Full Meeting Minutes from 06.03.2022