Your career as an automotive technician

Office area of a Mechanic GarageCurrently, there is a significant shortage of automotive technicians in every sector of the automotive industry, and the demand for qualified auto technicians is only expected to increase in the future. With the proper education and training, you’ll never have trouble finding work as an auto technician.

In recent years, the automotive industry has evolved into a cleaner, technologically advanced workplace that provides well-paying jobs and opportunities for advancement.

Highly-skilled auto techs, known as “A Techs,” can make more than $100,000, while “B Techs” and “C Techs” can also earn a quality salary, well above the median income.

Most automotive education programs have low-tuition costs and paid employment in the industry while completing schooling, resulting in lower student debt and quicker entry into the workforce when compared to four-year schools.