Assessment and treatment providers

If you have two or more alcohol/drug related driving violations within a 25 year period on your driving record, this establishes a history of alcohol or drug abuse as defined in Part 136.1 (b)(3) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

If your license, learner permit, or privilege to drive in New York State has been revoked and your driving record contains a history of such alcohol or drug abuse, DMV must receive proof that you have completed alcohol or drug rehabilitation before your application for a new driver license, learner permit or clearance of your NY State driving privileges can be approved.

Acceptable proof of alcohol or drug rehabilitation must be submitted by the provider electronically through the OASAS State Impaired Driver System (IDS).  It must provide evidence that you have had an alcohol or drug assessment within one year from the date you reapply.  It must also indicate that

  • treatment was not recommended, or
  • that you have successfully completed all stages of an alcohol or drug treatment program

Your letter or Order of Suspension or Revocation from DMV regarding your alcohol/drug conviction will tell you if you are eligible to participate in the NY State Impaired Driver Program (IDP) (previously known as Drinking Driving Program or DDP). Successful completion of the IDP may satisfy the rehabilitation requirement described above. However, if you choose not to participate in the IDP, you can find acceptable assessment and treatment providers within and outside of New York State at the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) website.  If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a list of the acceptable providers, please call 1-877-846-7369. 

The alcohol or drug assessment/treatment provider you choose must be approved by OASAS.  To be approved by OASAS please call 1-800-482-9564, option #4.

Proof of completed rehabilitation received from providers who are not approved must be reviewed by OASAS for acceptability.  You must take this information to the agency conducting your assessment. 

Please note: Participation in a Detoxification Program or in an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous Program ONLY will NOT be accepted as evidence of rehabilitation.

Important information for out-of-state treatment providers

Treatment providers located out of state must complete an “Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Program Summary” form (DS-449).  Providers may obtain this form by contacting the Driver Improvement Unit at:

Driver Improvement Unit
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 336
Albany, NY 12228
(518) 474-0774, Option #5 (Phone Hours: M-F, 8:30am – 4:00pm)
FAX (518) 474-6208