Hearings FAQs

How do I obtain the results of my DMV administrative hearing?

A copy of the findings and disposition is mailed to your DMV address on record.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks from the date of your hearing to receive your findings and disposition.

Does DMV provide sign language interpreters for DMV administrative hearings?

See Sign Language Interpreter Request

Does DMV provide language translators for my hearing?

Yes, the Administrative Law Judge has access to Language translation services via phone.

How do I apply for a Conditional/Restricted License?

See the Conditional and Restricted Use Licenses page

My license revocation has ended. How do I get my driving privileges reinstated?

Follow the instructions on the Restore License After Revocation page

How can I appeal the decision of my DMV administrative hearing?

If you would like to appeal the decision of the DMV Administrative Law Judge, you must file an appeal within 60 days of the date of the department’s order of suspension/revocation, decision letter, or notice. Submit your Administrative Appeal Form (PDF) (AA-33A) to the DMV Appeals Board.

I received a Notice of License Revocation (DS-124). Why is my license being revoked as authorized by Part 132 of the Commissioner’s Regulations and section 510(3)(a) and (d) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law?

See Penalties for Multiple Offenders