How to get a copy of a TVB ticket


If your Traffic Violations Ticket (TVB) traffic ticket is lost or destroyed, you can print a substitute online. The ticket you are replacing must

  • have the words 'Traffic Violations Bureau' at the bottom 1
  • be an 'open' or unpaid ticket 2

You will need

  • the TVB traffic ticket number (sample ticket), however if you do not have the ticket number enter all of the other information to determine if the DMV can locate the ticket record

and either your

  • DMV ID Number (Client ID Number) from your New York State driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card (see a sample driver license

or, your

  • full name, date of birth, and gender


Get a copy of a TVB ticket online


Additional information

Can I print substitute tickets for all my open TVB tickets?

Yes. Once you provide information for one open TVB traffic ticket, you will be able to print any open TVB traffic ticket(s) you have. You will need to print them one at a time.


Are substitute tickets I print from this transaction the same as tickets printed at a TVB office?

Yes. A substitute ticket that you print from this transaction has exactly the same information as tickets printed at a TVB office.


What can I do if my traffic ticket is not available?

If a traffic ticket is not available to print, the transaction will give you instructions on what you can do. Read all messages in the transaction carefully.

  1. 1. If the traffic ticket was not answerable to a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), you cannot use this transaction for the ticket. The TVB does not handle parking violations, criminal driving violations (for example, DWI) or tickets answerable in a local court.
  2. 2. If the ticket has been dismissed, or if there was a conviction and the fines, the fees and the surcharges were all paid, the ticket is a 'closed' ticket.