Re-licensing for non-participants

New York State licensed drivers

If your driver license is suspended, it will be restored at the end of the suspension period once you pay a suspension termination fee.

If your driver license is revoked, you may be eligible to re-apply online.  For more information, see Restore License after Revocation.  Your application cannot be approved before the minimum revocation period is served.

If you are placed on probation, you must provide written permission (also called, “probation clearance”) from the sentencing court or your probation officer. If you are approved for re-licensing, you must obtain a new permit/license at a state or county motor vehicle office. You may be required to pass all qualifying tests, serve a six-month probation period and pay required fees.

If your CDL and non-CDL driving privileges are both revoked, you may apply to the Driver Improvement Unit at the end of the non-CDL sanction for restoration of your full non-CDL privileges. Then, at the end of the CDL revocation, you may apply at any state or county motor vehicle office for restoration of your CDL privileges.

If your driving record contains two or more alcohol or drug related driving violations in 25 years, the DMV requires evidence that substance abuse treatment is not required or has been completed before your application will be considered. See Assessment and Treatment Providers for more information.

If your license is revoked for a second “Zero Tolerance Law” violation (driving after consuming alcohol, under age 21) or because you had refused to submit to a chemical test at the time of arrest, you must pay a driver civil penalty

If you cannot apply online, see Restore License after Revocation for instructions on applying by mail. 

Drivers licensed outside of New York State

After you complete your period of suspension, you must pay a suspension termination fee.  If revoked, you may request the restoration of your New York State driving privilege. To request restoration, you must complete a Request for NY State Driving Privileges form (DS-115).  Please enclose a $25 check or money order for the restoration fee, payable to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.” You must not resume driving in New York State until the DMV notifies you, in writing, that your driving privilege has been restored.