Information About Email Addresses

You must provide an email address so that the DMV can send a confirmation message of your transaction to you.

Make sure your

  • email address is not blocked or protected (this can prevent the delivery of a confirmation message from us)
  • email program can receive email from addresses that include the domain:
  • email address is less than 46 characters long (we can't accept longer email addresses)

This is an example of a correct email address: [email protected]

These are some common errors made with email addresses

www.[email protected] aol.comDo not use "www." to begin an email address. not use "www." after this character: @.
[email protected]aolcomA period ( . ) or "dot" must separate the two parts of the domain name (
[email protected]aolThe domain name does not have an extension (.com). Your email address can have a different domain name extension, like .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .info, or .museum.
[email protected]aol,comA comma ( , ) is incorrectly used instead of a period ( . ) or "dot".
[email protected]ao;.comA semi-colon ( ; ) is used instead of the letter "L".
user name@aol.comAn email address cannot include a blank space.
username@aol@aol.comAn email address cannot include more than one of this character: @
[email protected],
[email protected]
Only one email address is allowed.