Information about transaction entries

ZIP Code and Email Entries

If your address has changed, do not process your transaction online. Instead, follow the instructions to change your address

You cannot update your address during an online transaction. The DMV website has instructions to change your name on DMV documents and records.

Current ZIP Code. Enter the ZIP Code for your current mailing address.  To use this online transaction, your ZIP Code must

  • match the ZIP Code on your DMV record
  • be a US ZIP Code

All items are mailed to the address on your DMV record. See how to change your address on your DMV vehicle records and documents.

Your Email Address. Enter a valid email address, and re-enter the email address to verify it. The DMV will send you a confirmation of the transaction by email.

Your email program must be able to receive email from addresses that include the domain: If you need help, see information about email addresses.

Driver License Information

DMV ID Number. This is the 9 digit "ID" number printed in the upper portion of your driver license, learner permit or non driver ID (DMV photo document). Enter the 9 digits only; do not enter spaces, hyphens or other punctuation. See sample driver license documents.

Name. Enter your last name, first name and middle initial exactly as they would appear on your DMV photo document or another DMV document such as a driver record abstract, a revocation or suspension order or a letter related to your driver license. If you are not sure how your name appears, follow these rules to enter your name.

  • names on DMV records appear in UPPERCASE and are displayed in UPPERCASE in online transactions
  • enter letters only
  • do not enter numbers
  • a suffix should be entered in Roman numerals (for example "SMITH III, JOHN, A.")
  • do not enter spaces or special characters such as commas or apostrophes (you can enter a hyphen if your name on DMV records includes a hyphen - for example, enter the name O'Brien as OBRIEN)

Document Number. The document number is 8 or 10 characters, and is printed on the lower right corner of your DMV photo document, or on the back (for documents issues after January 29, 2014). The 8 character format is all numeric. The 10 character format is alpha and numeric. The alpha characters are in UPPERCASE. See sample driver license documents.  

Date of Birth. Enter two digits for the month, a slash, two digits for the day, a slash, and 4 digits for the year. For example, May 2, 1964 is entered as 05/02/1964.


Last 4 digits of SSN. Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This information will be used only to help identify you for the transaction. See the Privacy and Security Statement.

Registration Renewal Entry Instructions

Vehicle Plate or Boat Registration Number. Enter the vehicle plate number or boat registration number from your registration renewal notice or your registration document. Enter only letters and numbers; do not enter spaces or hyphens, or other special characters.

For a boat registration number, exclude the letters "NY" that may appear on your documents. Enter only the two other letters and four numbers.

If you need help, refer to the sample registration documents.

Make sure when you enter the letter O or the number 0 (zero) that you enter the correct character. The letter O will appear wider than the number zero.

Registration Class Code. Enter the three-letter registration class code from your registration document. If you need help, refer to the sample registration documents. The registration class code for a boat is BOT.

Entry of Addresses for DMV Records

New York State law requires you to report a change of residence to the DMV within 10 days.

When you submit a mailing address change online, and you do not have a residence address on file with the DMV, you are required to enter a residence address. Your residence address cannot be a post office box.

If you already have a residence address on file with the DMV, you are not required to change it when you change your mailing address, but you can change the residence address if you want to.

Your residence address does not have to be the same as your mailing address, but you can select to use your mailing address as your residence address.

If you report a change of address to the US Postal Service (USPS), it does not change your address on DMV records, but you can enter the new USPS address (National Change of Address or NCOA address) in this transaction.

When you change an address with the DMV, it

  • does not change your address on DMV records other than your driver license / DMV photo document records and/or registration records that you select in the transaction (for example, a change of address with the DMV does not change the address that appears on traffic ticket records)
  • does not change an address on a registration record if you selected "No change" for that registration in the transaction
  • does not change your address with the USPS or on any other record outside the DMV records specified above
  • does not generate new documents with your new address (after you submit an online address change, you can replace your driver license, permit or non-driver ID and/or replace your registration documents that show your new address)

When you submit an address change online, the change applies only to the DMV records you select. The online address change application shows the driver license, permit or non-driver ID (DMV photo document) and registration records that the DMV was able to locate under your name. If there are registrations in your name that are not shown, you can enter the plate or registration number to add them to the list and change the address(es) for those registrations.

If you select "No Change" for any photo documents or registrations on your change address list, the new address you enter for other DMV records will not apply to those records. If you want to change the address for those records to a different new address, then you must process a separate address change and select only the records to which that address will be applied.

If a driver license, non-driver ID or registration on your change of address list is eligible to be renewed, the expiration date appears in bold red text on the Confirmation Page after you process the address change. You can then go online to renew your photo driver license or non-driver photo ID card, renew vehicle registration(s) or renew boat registrations and receive documents with your new address displayed.

After your address change is processed, links are provided to order replacement (duplicate) documents that show your new address. There are fees to order the replacement documents.

Online Manual Orders

Most DMV manuals are available online through the DMV Publications page. This includes the Online Driver's Manual and Study Guide with quizzes.

Single, printed copies of DMV manuals for drivers are also available free of charge at DMV offices or by mail through the DMV Call Center for your area code.

For bulk manual orders for public or private organizations, use the online DMV Manual Order transaction.

  • for public organizations (see definition below) there is no fee for bulk orders
  • for private organizations, (see definition below) there is a charge of $1.00 per manual for bulk orders and a minimum order of 25 manuals

A public organization and a private organization are defined as follows


A public organization is defined as

  • an organization that is division of the State, a county or a municipality
  • is created or formed by a provision of state or local law
  • can collect taxes directly or is funded by the government. (e.g. a public school district, a public library, BOCES)

A private organization is a business that

  • is not an organization that is division of the State, a county or a municipality
  • is not created or formed by a provision of state or local law
  • cannot collect taxes directly or is funded by the government ( for example commercial driving schools, PIRP sponsors, safety advocate groups, etc.)