Virtual Hearings


Important notice

The New York State DMV Traffic Violations Bureau offers virtual hearings. The information below will inform you how to attend your hearing virtually.



Virtual Hearings allow motorists, attorneys, witnesses, interpreters and other participants to attend hearings online, no longer having to travel to a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB).

 Any motorist can attend a hearing virtually. Follow the instructions below.


Quick links

Attend your hearing


Submit evidence



Before your hearing (we recommend at least 2 days before)

On the day of the hearing

  • Locate your hearing notice
  • Log in to the hearing waiting room
    • Start the log-in process 15 minutes before the time of your scheduled hearing
    • To log-in
      • Enter in the ticket number
      • Agree to the Terms of Service
      • Select your role: Motorist, Attorney/Representative, Witness or Interpreter
      • Enter the required information, when prompted
      • Be ready for your hearing to be called. WebEx will launch when your hearing is called.

After your hearing

Please go to Plead or Pay Tickets Online to pay any fines, surcharges and fees.


System requirements

All attendees will need

  • Working audio on your mobile device (phone) or computer and a working camera is strongly preferred
  • Reliable internet service (at least 1 – 1.5 megabits per second) 

Mobile (phone and tablet) users will need 

Desktop/Laptop users will need